Black Lives Matter

Dudesnude stands in solidarity with all those affected by injustice, inequality, bigotry, violence, and systemic racism. We specifically stand with our black members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and fellow humans, at a time when once again they are faced with the reality of deep injustice. We understand the importance and value of allies, and we are ready to stand as allies … Read More

The New Forums Are LIVE!

I’m so excited about this… after 17 years with the old home-grown forum software, we’ve upgraded to brand new, modern forums! I’ve always been a fan of the forums because you get a sense of the community on the site and the other members… dudesnude has always been known for having a very friendly group of guys, and the forums … Read More

A Quick Comment on COVID-19

A few members have asked me why dudesnude doesn’t have a big statement about Covid-19 on the site. I’ve actually thought a lot about this, and the right approach for our community. For now, I think dudesnude can best serve as an escape from everything that is going on… there is so much news and information out there from the … Read More